Food X-Ray Inspection Systems: Intelligent Image Processing

Source: Wipotec

The success of an X-ray scanner is based largely on the use of powerful software routines combined with high-resolution X-ray images. The software relies on two parameters: grey values and contrast. Grey values represent the differing density of the products inspected. The second parameter is the contrast, which is understood to mean the comparison of a value with its neighboring cells.

The support provided by X-ray scanners for the processing operations even goes a step further; by determining the density of cheese bars, the information obtained from the density profile can be used to keep the weight of individual cheese slices constant despite the presence of holes. They help to optimize the filling quantity, reduce overfilling costs and prevent underfilling.

Intelligent image processing supports the following tasks depending on the food sector:

  • Foreign body detection
  • Completeness check
  • Filling level check
  • Shape and position check
  • Position and distribution check
  • Clip examination (closure)
  • Mass determination
  • Break and hole detection
  • Automated ripeness determination (for cheese)