News Feature | December 18, 2013

Food Trends In 2014 According To Campbell's

Source: Food Online
Sam Lewis

By Sam Lewis

Famous soup maker’s network of global chefs offer opinions about next year’s biggest movements in the culinary world

Campbell’s Culinary and Baking Institute (CCBI) was recently established to identify what consumers are currently eating as well as to discuss what the food trends of 2014 will be. The discussion is part of CCBI’s first-ever TrendScape report which assesses not only what is happening now in the food industry, but also what will be trending in years to come.

The 2014 Culinary TrendScape report also puts forth an effort to monitor and track topics in the food industry through six different stages, from the initial discovery of products, cultural hot spots, and fine dining restaurants to the final universal appeal and international availability. The report also tracks how American tastes and preferences are changing due to global influences and awareness of sustainability and nutrition.

“We see Americans being more adventurous with their food choices — bolder burgers, new takes on pastrami and other old-world Jewish deli favorites, and beverage-inspired flavors,” says Thomas Griffiths, certified master chef (CMC), vice president, Campbell's Culinary & Baking Institute. “As chefs and bakers, we are naturally inspired by emerging niche food trends that help keep us creative in the kitchen. What fascinates us at Campbell is how these trends have their own lifecycle, from emerging taste discoveries in South America to Japanese-inspired burgers popping up in middle-America restaurants.”

The panel of CCBI believes the following items will be big food trends in 2014:

  • Brazilian Food — both the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics will be held in Rio De Janeiro. These two events will put Brazil in the international spotlight allowing the country to showcase its seafood stews, grilling techniques, and distinct local ingredients in the coming years.
  • Bold Flavored Burgers — the iconic American sandwich is evolving with the rest of the world’s tastes. The days of quarter-pound patties topped with cheese, ketchup, and pickles, placed between the ends of white bread may soon be a thing of the past. New patty options like bison, brisket, chicken, elk, and lamb will accompany new options for sandwich buns and a wide range of unique toppings.
  • New Takes On Sweets — desserts may soon include new spices, many plant-based options accompanying fresh takes on fruit.
  • Savory Yogurt — Greek-style yogurt is more popular than ever. CCBI believes the dairy product will soon be making appearances not only in plastic tubs, but also in applications like condiments, baked goods, and snack foods.
  • Fresh Juice —“juicing” has become a very popular dietary option partially in thanks to the success of the film Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. Health-conscious consumers are seeking more vegetable and fruit juice options to maintain their lifestyle.
  • Flavors Inspired By Beverages — the kitchen has taken a lesson from the pub as bottled, barrel-aged, and brew-inspired flavors will begin infiltrating condiments like barbecue and hot sauces.
  • Food Waste Awareness — Sustainability is quickly gaining ground in the kitchen. Consumers are eager to find new ways to utilize all parts of food ingredients, repurpose leftover food, and compost their food scraps.

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