Source: TOMRA Sorting Solutions


The innovative food sorting machine is a highly efficient, intuitive sorting solution that has been designed to improve yields and product quality, with minimal product waste and maximum uptime. These benefits are made possible via three integral features, namely the delivery of optimum performance, improved ease of use and enhanced hygienic design.

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To achieve optimum performance, the sorter combines TOMRA’s smart surround view technology with a 360-degree inspection. The technology features high resolution cameras, as well as high intensity LEDs for improved light intensity for optimal product appearance. These features reduce false rejection rates and improve product quality by identifying each object, in turn improving color, shape detection and foreign material, and ensuring product quality.

The sorting machine’s new customized high-speed, small-pitch TOMRA ejector valves, which are part of the innovative smart ejection system, allow for the precise removal of defective products, with minimal final product waste, at a rate three times faster than previous valves. Importantly, the valves have been designed for both wet and dry conditions.

The development of the TOMRA 5B, food sorter with a belt speed rate of up to five meters per second to provide an increased hourly capacity, responds to increased capacity demands in the market.