Food Online Radio: Food Quality — Managing Contamination & FSMA

Source: Magnetic Products, Inc.
keith rhodes president of MPI

In an interview at PACK EXPO 2014, Keith Rhodes, President, Magnetic Products, discusses FSMA’s impact on food manufacturing and what food makers can do to simultaneously improve food quality and safety. The U.S. has the highest standards of food quality in the world, and now, with FSMA, the FDA can mandate certain standards for food processors and packagers. Now, companies that never worried about contamination prevention are now required to comply with increasingly-stringent regulations. According to Rhodes, many foreign body contaminants — pieces of metal, nails, and can lids — get into food and beverage products from the fields during harvesting and brought into manufacturing plants. Rhodes believes companies can gain a competitive advantage by staying ahead of the curve regarding food safety and food quality with contamination-prevention technology.

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