Food Pathogen Detection System - Atlas® System

Source: Roka Bioscience, Inc.
Food Pathogen Detection System - Atlas System

The Atlas System is a fully automated instrument that enhances the accuracy, speed, and efficiency of food safety testing through detection of molecular pathogens, including Listeria, Salmonella, Escherichia coli, and other organisms commonly implicated in food contamination episodes. The system is easy to use and incorporates many innovative features that minimize the complexity of testing processes. It is powered by technologies that provide unparalleled scalability and reliability, allowing your laboratory to meet the increasing demands of today’s testing environment, as well as those of the future.

System Highlights

The Atlas System delivers value by providing the following essential benefits to your laboratory:


  • The system’s simplified sample and reagent loading procedure minimizes operator hands-on time
  • Utilizing the system’s high-throughput capacity, a single operator can process and receive results for more than 300 samples in an 8-hour shift, or more than 500 results in 12 hours
  • Reduced enrichment times provide faster turnaround


  • Automated process controls help ensure consistency and quality
    • Liquid level sensing and reagent dispense verification eliminate the risk of pipetting errors that may compromise sample results
    • Internal control in every reaction ensures the integrity of every sample result
  • System tracking and barcoding provide full sample-to-result traceability
    • All samples, fluids, reagents, and ancillary components are barcoded, tracked, and managed within the system
    • Automated inventory control eliminates the need for manual transcription


  • Flexible, continuous-access sample loading enables greater workflow customization and laboratory efficiency
    • Continuous access eliminates the need to batch samples, removes labor bottlenecks, and allows loading and unloading of samples and reagents while the instrument processes assays
  • Walk-away freedom increases overall lab productivity and efficiency
    • Full automation, from sample purification to pathogen detection, eliminates the need for manual sample processing
    • The Atlas System’s “sample-in, result-out” format provides maximum performance with minimal hands-on time
    • The system is cost-effective, allowing labs to increase workload without adding resources
  • Lean processing requires minimal labor
    • With its greatly reduced operator intervention requirements, the system creates an upstream and downstream workflow advantage
    • The system requires minimal training, and optimizes the use and efficiency of laboratory resources
  • Intuitive design makes it easy to use
    • The system’s touch-screen user interface facilitates error-free operation
    • External indicators provide real-time status updates
    • The “all-in-one” design saves valuable bench space, eliminating the need for additional equipment (e.g., heating and cooling blocks, centrifuges, computers, biological safety cabinets)