White Paper

Food Management Software Optimizes Operations And Drives Profits

Source: Aptean

Dozens of features aimed to optimize your operations, assist with food safety compliance and drive profits

At JustFood, we’ve been creating software to help food companies manage food safety, improve operational efficiency and accelerate growth for over a decade. Deployed in the cloud and offering features like Microsoft Office 365 integration and custom workflows, our newest release makes it easier than ever to run your organization safely and profitably.

1. Features that simplify how you do food

Among other improvements, the latest release of JustFood includes features designed to make the software work the way you do.

Define items and products the way you want

New features give you the flexibility to categorize items and products any way you choose.

  • Add attributes to any item or product. Create and assign any attributes you want (e.g. color, length, weight, status, etc.), then search, sort or filter by those attributes.
  • Attributes can also belong to a category. When you assign attributes to a category, all the items in that category inherit those attributes. You can even nest categories within categories.