Food Grading System Checkweigher for Seafood and Vegetables

Source: Anritsu Infivis Inc.

Food Grading System Checkweigher for Seafood and Vegetables

Anritsu's checkweighers for grading are ideal for grading products ranging from seafood to vegetables. Graders automatically classify products into specified quantity and mass. The high-speed and highly accurate food grading checkweigher systems by Anritsu minimize operator workload. Its various functions also improve overall productivity because of its twin lines and user friendly software. The high-speed grading checkweigher systems are robust and easy-to-clean.

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  • High-Speed & High Accuracy
  • Twin Line
  • IP66 Waterproofing
  • Easy Attachment & Operation
  • SUS External Finish
  • Electromagnetic Balance (force balance) or Strain Gauge Balance (load cell)
  • Fluorescent Display Module (FDM) Screen
  • Statistics
  • NG History
  • Simple Cleaning
  • Flow Direction Change
  • Variable Belt Speed
  • Variable Line Heights
  • HACCP Support

The graders have a weighing range of 6 to 600 g with a maximum accuracy of ±0.1 g at 3s. The maximum speed is 330 products/min. The grading system is ideal for fresh fish and vegetables, as well as industrial products.

Accurate Ranks
Classification into 4 to 12 ranks facilitates the selection of primary products, such as fresh fish and vegetables and grading of industrial products. When products are in the same rank, they are divided in up to three directions by specified quantity and mass. The workload of the rank with the larger rate is distributed.

High-Speed & High Accuracy
The operator load is monitored so if overflow occurs, the products are diverted automatically to the bypass lane. There is no need to suspend a line for the replacement of containers, which makes this a high-accuracy grading system that always works full speed ahead.

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