News | June 14, 2018

Focus Works Announces Significant Investment In Blockchain Lot Traceability

Patchogue, NY (PRWEB) - Focus Works, a NY based provider of systems to the wholesale food and baking industry, has initiated a plan of significant investment in blockchain technology for their PRIMS (Production Recipe Ingredient Management Software) software. Their PRIMS system has provided lot traceability long before the 2002 Bioterrorism Act or the implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Focus Works, a leader in food manufacturing and food safety software, is now leading the way towards the next technology in lot traceability.

Simply stated, blockchain is a technology where a group of distributed computing systems can compute the authenticity of a transaction in a non-centralized manner. The blockchain is a distributed ledger where companies doing business with each other, such as growers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers, can record transactions securely. The database's strength lies in its trustworthiness: the difficulty of reversing or changing what's been recorded. The blockchain database can also hold much more data than what retailers get today, providing tools for more detailed analysis.

Retailers struggle to identify and remove food that's been recalled. When a customer becomes ill, it can take days to identify the product, shipment and vendor. With blockchain, a retailer will be able to obtain crucial data from a single receipt, including suppliers, details on how and where food was grown and who inspected it within seconds. The database extends information from the pallet to the individual package.

The current traceability standard of "one step forward, one step back," as stated in the FSMA documentation, is not wholly suited for a global marketplace, and governments and retailers are demanding more. Handling all this information is a challenge for food producers of all sizes, around the world. Although the demand from large retailers for blockchain lot traceability from all their suppliers may be some time away, Focus Works intends to have the technology available ahead of time for that demand. "We have always kept Focus Works at the forefront of new technology," says Robert White, President and Director of Product Development, "and this is just one of the several new technology initiatives we are implementing this year. Companies wishing to do business with Wal-Mart, Costco, Nestle, Kroger and other large retailers will be left out if they cannot comply with this blockchain requirement," Mr. White says.

"Combined with the fact that our PRIMS system can also operate the scaling, batching, production equipment and quality control on the plant floor, PRIMS offers the 'Elements of Value' that food plants and bakeries are looking for," says Robert White.

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