Fisher-Rosemount Releases Latest Version of DeltaV Scalable Process System

Fisher Rosemount Systems, Inc.ompany%> (Austin, TX) has released version 3.2 of its DeltaV scalable process system. The new version extends earlier capabilities and solves problems faced with older systems. The release includes easy to use advanced control using fuzzy logic and patented autotuner technology, an integrated batch historian, and a new OPC Mirror product that eliminates costly proprietary interfaces. Version 3.2 is also fully Year 2000 compliant.

Fuzzy logic control is a software algorithm incorporated into the DeltaV control strategy as a standard controller function block. Since this fuzzy logic controller can be autotuned, it is now as easy as PID control for users to implement in day to day operations. This patented autotuner technology in DeltaV works with both PID and fuzzy logic-based control. And unlike other fuzzy logic solutions, does not require extensive manual setup, tuning and ongoing maintenance.

The DeltaV Batch Historian provides electronic batch record keeping for both recipe execution and event data -- with ZERO special configuration effort. Recipe parameters, report parameters, operator prompts and responses, formula data, and start and stop times for all S88 procedural elements are all automatically collected without any engineering effort from the user. The DeltaV Batch Historian also includes state-of-the-art batch-based analysis tools and a customizable out-of-the-box batch report.

The OPC Mirror allows users to easily transfer object data between as many as five OPC servers. The NT-based software delivers true drag and drop integration between any OPC servers, eliminating costly proprietary interfaces. Fully networked enabled, the OPC Mirror can reside on a PC, on the OPC server hardware, or on a PC remote from the OPC servers, giving users complete flexibility.

Users can upgrade existing DeltaV systems to Y2K compliance either with this release or with DeltaV Version 2.3. Version 2.3 software is available to current users at no cost.

For more information contact <%=company%> , 8301 Cameron Rd., Austin, TX 78754. Tel; 512-835-2190; Fax: 512-832-3443.