News | August 7, 2013

Excellence In Filling And Packaging Technology

The Italian company OCME is one of the world's leading manufacturers of automated handling systems and machinery for the packaging industry. In more than 50 years of activity, OCME has established a worldwide reputation for its production of machines for primary and secondary packaging, end-of-line and logistics. Libby White spoke to sales director Emanuele Gatteschi to find out more.

Based in Parma, Italy and established in 1954, OCME started as a manufacturer of systems and equipment for the tomato processing industry, but expanded in the 1960s into the production of oil filler systems and packing machines. Today, OCME's excellent filling and packaging technology is well-known amongst all major international companies operating in the food, beverage, detergent, petrochemical and tissue sectors. The company has a prestigious client portfolio, including all the Blue Chips.

Emanuele Gatteschi comments, "Our core products are high speed packaging, palletising and intralogistics systems. We offer complete lines and individual machines such as depalletisers, filling machines, shrink-wrap packers, wraparound packers, palletisers, conveyors and automatic guided vehicles."
He explains that its principal markets are, "45 per cent Europe, 55 per cent Worldwide," and that they are expanding into the new geographical markets of Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Extensive range of products

Since its establishment, OCME has developed some pioneering technologies. For example, at the beginning of the 1970s it was one of the first European companies to introduce high-speed wraparound case packers for the beverage industries. OCME's end-of-line machines are installed throughout the world, with approximately 10,000 machines operating world wide. The company's key products are shrink-wrap, wraparound and automated or robot palletisers.

Alongside these, OCME is also famous for its high quality fillers, such as the LIBRA R5. This is a rotary electronic weight filler for viscous liquids dedicated to the filling of personal care products, household detergents, edible oils, lube oils and chemical products.

The beverage sector is one of OCME's traditional strong points (accounting for over 60 per cent of sales). Over the past few years, significant investments have been made in terms of human resources and projects for new machines, aimed at providing end of lines for: beer, mineral water, soft drinks and wine & spirits. 

The remaining segment (approximately 35 per cent of sales) takes into account the other main consumer products markets in which OCME specialises in supplying filling lines for viscous liquids, and packaging and palletising systems for food, edible oils, detergents for personal and household care, tissue, petrochemical products and pharmaceutical products.

OCME knows that innovation is the key to success. The company is always focusing on delivering new solutions with the aim of opening up new opportunities for its customers. 

A world of services

A great passion for its business and a wide range of customer services is what distinguishes OCME from other companies. From pre-sales consultancy to post-sales services and maintenance, the company offers its buyers comprehensive services of the highest level. It seems, then, that in a market where clients are always looking for 'problem solving' suppliers capable of coping with different requirements in a fast, flexible and effective way, OCME is the answer.

Gatteschi lists the key qualities of OCME as, "Quality, robustness, speed, performance and after-sales service. We offer a very good ratio of price versus quality."

He goes on to describe the customer service of OCME: "Our target is always the complete satisfaction of every client through effective communication and a proactive approach to customer service."

Future expansion

With more than 10,000 machines installed worldwide, an annual turnover of around €90 million, 600 employees, five branch offices and a worldwide network of around 40 agents, OCME is still investigating further potential business opportunities and is working to consolidate its worldwide presence. 

Emanuele Gatteschi explains that it now has a new production facility in China as well as its facility in Italy. It has plans for organic expansion and intends to increase its presence in the developing countries over the next few years.

Source: CME SRL