Article | May 1, 2016

ERP Solutions In The Green Supply Chain And Multi-Mode Manufacturing

Source: IFS North America – Food
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In December 2010, a study of middle market to large manufacturers was conducted by IFS North America and Affinity Research Solutions, a Boston-based research firm, among manufacturing executives and professionals to better understand how business software applications like ERP and EAM and other enterprise-wide software programs play a role in their company’s green supply chain initiatives. While much is written about environmental regulation and its effect on manufacturing, not as much is written about how large manufacturers are requiring environmental data from their vendors and using it to drive purchasing decisions.

This study attempts to illuminate how prevalent this trend is and how enterprise software is supporting manufactures by measuring the environmental impact of their supply chain as well as conforming to the green supply chain requirements of their customers. Data was collected from manufacturing professionals on their involvement in the green supply chain, the types of environmental information they are tracking and sharing with their supply chain partners and/or customers, and the value they place on information about the environmental impact of their operations and those of their supply chain partners.In addition, the study took a close look at how data is being exchanged with suppliers on the environmental impact and chemical content of materials and products, regulation’s role in driving change and how enterprise software could be integrated to better meet green supply chain requirements today and in the future.