ERP Software For Poultry Manufacturers

Source: Aptean

JustFood ERP software for poultry processing and deconstruction has been designed to help companies operate efficiently, comply with food safety regulations and grow their business. JustFood poultry customers are able to account for variable weight and set up quality audits throughout deconstruction and processing.

End to end lot traceability
Accurately track and manage all materials throughout deconstruction and processing. As materials get separated into different cuts and stages, you are able to trace back to the material’s source at any time.

Quality audits 
Custom quality checks can be set up throughout the production process. These audits ensure that employees are following your standard facility procedures, checking for consistency and quality throughout production.

Variable weight
Account for and price different cut sizes of processed poultry with variable weight functionality. Ensure that materials are being priced properly and that you are getting the full value of your products from retail customers.

Features for poultry

  • lot traceability 
  • quality assurance (QA) 
  • bill of materials (BOM) 
  • serial tracking 
  • variable weight 
  • work in progress (WIP) 
  • yield management