ERP Software For Food Manufacturing: Foundation

Source: Aptean
ERP Software For Food Manufacturing: Foundation

JustFoodERP Foundation is a fixed-price system that comes with predictable costs and implementation steps. It’s built specifically for the food industry by career food professionals. Its Microsoft interface is familiar, it offers extensive after-sales customer care and it provides a straightforward upgrade path for the future.

We love Excel for analysis and reporting, but not for data entry. It’s just too slow and susceptible to error. A growing company like yours needs a serious software solution; one that mitigates implementation risk while leaving room to grow.

In developing JustFoodERP Foundation, we set out to create the perfect ERP solution for uncomplicated food companies, beginning with our extensive firsthand knowledge of the challenges food companies face.

As food industry insiders, we understand that you want to invigorate your business, not turn it upside down. That’s why we made sure you can be up and running with JustFoodERP Foundation at a fixed price, with no surprises when it comes to implementation time or costs. You’ll also know right from the beginning what training you’ll need.

Making the move to integrated business software can be overwhelming. We’re here to make it easy.

Find out how growing food companies like Almondina, Sahale, Suncore, and Ellison Bakery have benefitted from JustFoodERP.

Who it’s for

Food companies with a single facility,  straightforward business processes and fewer than 15 employees who will use the software.


In the cloud or on your premises.


Annual fees include seamless upgrades to every new release, service pack and feature pack released by us and Microsoft; graduate to JustFoodERP Professional or Enterprise at any time.

What it costs

Software, implementation, training and perpetual licenses for 5 full users: $100,000

Annual support costs (including customer care and product upgrades so you’re always up to date): $8,000*

Extra user licenses: $5,000* each annually.