Engineering Site Surveys (Air Filtration Systems)

Filtration Project Management & Engineering Surveys

When it comes to finding the perfect air filtration system for your specific application, Schenck Process has over 40 years of experience in designing and managing dust collection projects for customers throughout the world.

Schenck Process provides engineering services to dust collection users that include on-site air filtration surveys. Program participants receive a full assessment of their current air filtration systems along with recommendations on improving efficiencies.

Engineering Surveys

  • On-site dust collection analysis
  • Particle size analysis and emission testing
  • Field measurement of dust producing equipment and plant layout
  • Preliminary sketches of plant/equipment layout based on this analysis and current recommendation to include appropriate NFPA compliance
  • Pictures, data, details and all pertinent information required to evaluate current conditions of dust systems
  • Evaluate physical conditions of existing filters, fans and airlocks
  • Evaluate existing ductwork layout and sizing, dust discharge design and pneumatic transfer system
  • Consult with customer personnel to determine system rates, equipment functionality, problem areas and desired results from findings
  • Provide quotation for new and upgraded solutions

Filtration Audit Team

  • Industrial Ventilation Design Specialists
  • 3D CAD Designer
  • Application Specialists
  • Explosion Protection Experts

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