Economical Weigh Modules

Source: Mettler Toledo, LLC
Mettler weigh module

Compression weigh modules for cost-effective conversion of tanks, hoppers, and conveyors into scales.

To achieve the ultimate balance between function and costs, the SWB305 and SWC415 are the smart choice. They provide the basic safety functions and accuracy for less critical equipment.  Many approvals are standard allowing for global usage.

Carbon or Stainless Steel Construction

SWB305 and SWC415 are available in two material choices to fit the application environment, choose from zinc plated carbon steel or stainless steel mounting hardware.

Product Features

  • Wide Capacity Range
  • SWC415 weigh modules cover an individual capacity range of 7.5t (16.5klb) to 100t (220klb).
  • The SWB305 weigh modules are available in individual capacities of 110kg (250lb) to 4.4t (10klb).
  • Carbon or Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Mounting hardware to suit the environment
  • Metrology Approvals
  • Load cells have OIML and NTEP certification standard
  • Hazardous Area Approvals
  • Load cells have FM and ATEX certification standard