Datasheet | April 5, 2019

EagleTM FA3/B Inline Fat Measurement And Contaminant Detection Of Bulk Flow Meat

The FA3/B provides inline fat measurement and contaminant detection for fresh, chilled, frozen, hot-boned, or mixed bulk flow meat.

The FA3/B is Eagle’s 3rd generation refinement of Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) technology, based on the innovative and proven-superior single-beam geometry Eagle introduced to the market in 2004. The FA3/B uses DEXA to discriminate between fat and lean portions of 100% of product throughput, providing Chemical Lean (CL) measurements to better than +/- 1CL accuracy on all meat products.

In addition to measuring Chemical Lean, the FA3/B measures weight and detects contaminants within the product such as metals, glass, calcified bones, and stones. Also available with the FA3/B are calculations for protein and moisture.

The FA3/B continues Eagle’s tradition of providing these precise measurements at the highest throughputs in the industry; up to 60 tons per hour of bulk meat. Thanks to Eagle’s proprietary advanced imaging software, SimulTaskTM PRO, the FA3/B performs all of these measurements and inspections simultaneously, with no degradation in inspection performance at full throughput.

Further improving on Eagle’s proven single beam design,the FA3/B employs UPSHOTTM, Compact X-ray Imager Geometry. Unlike other x-ray systems, UPSHOT enables scanning of the meat from the bottom with detectors over the product. This enables closer placement of the x-ray source and detectors, enhancing contaminant detection and measurement precision, while also enabling the smallest factory floor footprint in the industry.

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