Dry Blender and Powder Mixer Applications

Source: Ampco Pumps Company
Dry Blender and Powder Mixer Applications

Beverages – energy drinks, tea, fruit juice, vegetable juice, coffee blends

Dairy – yogurt, sour cream, ice cream mix, flavored milk, eggnog, pudding

Food – salad dressing, salsa, hot sauce, mayonnaise, pizza sauce, ketchup and mustard

Personal Care – toothpaste, lotion, cream, shampoo and conditioner, body wash

Thickeners – gum, pectin, starch, gelatin

Ingredients and Additives – aspartame, non-fat dry milk, salt, citric acid, sugar, egg powder, whey protein concentrate, calcium carbonate, honey, powder flavoring

Bio-Pharmaceutical – cough syrup, ointment, lotion, vitamin drink, contact solution, coatings

Fertilizers, paints, herbicides, ink and dye compounds