News | April 7, 1998

Diet RC Cola with Sucralose To Be on Shelves Next Month

Royal Crown will be using the new no-calorie sweetener Sucralose in its Diet RC brand.

Sucralose is altered at the molecular level to produce a stable sweetener that keeps sugar's taste, without sugar's calories. Its inherent stability provides manufacturers with more flexibility to increase and decrease temperatures during production and allows for enhanced shelf life. Long-term storage tests performed on carbonated cola products have shown that sucralose retains three times as much of its sweetness as other sweeteners over extended periods.

Sucralose is designed and produced in the United States by McNeil Specialty Products in New Brunswick, N.J., a division of Johnson & Johnson.

Diet RC is produced by Royal Crown Co., which is a subsidiary of Triarc Beverage Group, White Plains, N.Y.

Edited by Pam Ahlberg