News | March 27, 2008

DeltaTRAK Introduces ColdTRAK PIMM- An Integrated Cold Chain Management Solution

Pleasanton, CA - DeltaTRAK, Inc., a leading provider of cold chain management solutions, recently announced the launch of ColdTRAK PIMM, an integrated real-time cold chain management solution for every step in the food service cold chain. This solution allows suppliers, consolidators, distributors, and final receivers to monitor, analyze, and share temperature data through the entire process. ColdTRAK PIMMwas launched at the Food Safety and Security Summit in Washington D.C., where the company is exhibiting in Booth 117.

ColdTRAK PIMMcovers both delivery and facility management. For the Supplier-to-Distribution Center in-transit deliveries, suppliers, distributors, and final receivers have access to the temperature history of each trip within minutes of arrival. For the Distribution Center-to-Store routed deliveries, the solution offers trailer management, route management and GPS mapping options, providing customers with real-time temperature and trailer location data. A wireless system that supports up to 256 sensors is available for warehouse or in-store facility management, as part of the solution. The implementation of this system eliminates unproductive time spent taking manual temperature reading in walk-in coolers, freezers, refrigerators, display cases, warmers, ovens, fryers and cooking grills.

ColdTRAK PIMMincludes a unique feature - the Operations Scoreboard, a rating system that can be applied uniformly across all cold chain resources. This scoreboard can be customized to evaluate quality assurance goals, identify weak links, and proactively take corrective actions. ColdTRAK PIMMis very easy to use. A "buddy list" similar to the online chat concept can be set up to display instantly important trip, facility and product temperature information, based on customer's criteria.

By implementing ColdTRAK PIMMcustomers will reduce risks associated with food safety improve food quality, increase product shelf life, eliminate finger pointing, and increase accountability among partners.