News | May 25, 2011

DeltaTRAK Announces New Shelf Life Monitoring And Quality Control Tools For Food Industry

Pleasanton, CA - DeltaTRAK, a leading innovator of cold chain management solutions, recently announced the introduction of four new products for shelf life control and monitoring. DeltaTRAK’s new Prime Pro EAP pallet covers, carton liners and sheets are designed to control ethylene emission from produce, thereby extending the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables. The product quality monitoring tools being introduced are the DeltaTRAK Brix Meter for measuring sugar levels, the DeltaTRAK Salinometer for measuring salt levels, and the DeltaTRAK Penetrometer for testing the ripeness and firmness of produce.

“Food manufacturers and processors are continually looking for new methods to monitor and control the shelf life of their products in order to remain competitive,” said Frederick Wu, president and CEO of DeltaTRAK. “With these new DeltaTRAK tools they will be better equipped to control and analyze food quality, ensuring their customers receive superior products.”

PrimePro EAP® pallet covers, carton liners, and sheets are plastic polyethylene products containing a proprietary additive that removes ethylene from the air surrounding the fresh produce to slow down the process of ripening and decay. PrimePro is made of a porous, breathable plastic that allows the proper exchange of gases through the packaging, which helps prevent the growth of anaerobic bacteria. Removing ethylene, combined with proper temperature storage conditions significantly extends the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables. Using PrimePro EAP products ensure that produce is delivered with the best quality possible. This includes optimum flavor, appearance, and texture. Quick and easy to use, the plastic film also contains an anti-fog additive to reduce the accumulation of condensation inside the covered produce. This feature is essential for shelf life extension, as excess moisture also causes mold growth which accelerates decay.

DeltaTRAK Brix Meters are precise instruments that measure the sugar content by using a sample of liquid from soft drinks, processed foods, concentrates or juice from fruit and vegetables. DeltaTRAK offers a digital and analog Brix Meter. These devices can be used to verify ripeness of fruit and the sugar concentration of many foods and beverages. With the analog Brix Meter a liquid sample is placed on a prism which, when held up to light, shows the sugar concentration in Brix degrees. The digital meter analyzes the samples and shows readings relative to the Brix scale on the device display.

The DeltaTRAK Salinometer is an optical meter designed to test the salinity of water or brine. Products such as poultry, bacon, ribs and seafood are often flavored, tenderized and preserved using brine. Brine solutions are also used for pickling, and during preparation of frozen fruits and vegetables. A Salinometer gives processors an accurate method to test salinity levels.

The DeltaTRAK Penetrometer is a gauge that uses puncture pressure to measure the firmness of fruits and vegetables. It provides a quick, easy-to-use method of determining ripeness and maturity, and can be used in the field to decide when produce should be harvested. The Penetrometer is also an important tool for monitoring quality of fruits and vegetables during receiving, storage, and processing.