Case Study

Del Monte Went From 14 Interfaced Business Systems To 1

Source: Aptean

After divesting from Kraft, Del Monte Foods had one year to decide whether to stay on the Kraft system infrastructure or to employ a new system. The Kraft infrastructure consisted of 14 business systems, including SAP, mySAP, R/3 for sales orders, Manugistics for production forecasting, Prism for plant reporting, KARS for AR, GEAC for general ledger, and GSX for EDI.

Del Monte Foods conducted a feasibility study and found that keeping these 14 interfaced business systems in place would cost $3-to-4 million per year in licensing, maintenance, and internal specialists. This motivated their decision to find one integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system that would meet all of their business needs and reduce overall costs. Read more about how they decided on JustFoodERP and the positive outcome thereof.