Creative, Custom Solution: FSI Shear Pump

Source: Fristam Pumps
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Fristam Pumps designed a new shear pump to meet the needs of an Oregon dairy.

Until now, Fristam has produced the FS Shear Blender, which provided maximum blending but lacked its own pumping power.

The Oregon dairy's original system was using a simple one pump (FPX 3522) and agitator system to recirculate ingredients (sugar, stabilizer, condensed whey, non-fat dry milk, etc.) for an ice cream mix application. They wanted to improve product consistency and reduce batch times.

Fristam supplied an FS 3541 Shear Blender to mix the product. The original one-pump system was flowing at about 140 gpm. However, when the FS was installed, it could not keep up and the flow rate dropped to about 90 gpm.

Fristam then supplied a modified 2/3 rotor/stator, and the system flow rate increased to 110 gpm. The customer asked if there was any way of improving the flow rate even more. Fristam designed an impeller style rotor/stator (with just two rows of teeth). The system flow rate increased to 160 gpm with no noticeable change in blend quality.

So began the creation of the Fristam FSI Shear Pump. For application requiring less mixing, but good pumping capabilities, the FSI is ideal. It is a perfect complement in the mixing/blending line to the original FS positioning of maximum mixing without pumping.

Fristam is known for custom engineering capabilities and the ability to work with a customer to create solutions, like the new FSI Shear Pump.

The customer stated that with this new rotor/stator, their batch system is "running better than they have ever seen." Reduced batch times and excellent product quality make for one happy customer.

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Brochure: Fristam Pumps Mixing & Blending

SOURCE: Fristam Pumps