Continuous Dispersion Mixer: CDM

Source: Scott Turbon Mixer
Scott Turbon CDM

The introduction of powders into a fluid process is one of the most challenging mixing duties you will come across. Incorporating powders directly into a liquid stream, can speed up your process, improve your product quality, while at the same time improve operator safety.

Traditional inline mixers are designed to work with loaded dry ingredient feed hoppers where the powder induction rate is dependent upon both the powder flow behavior and liquid stream characteristics (flow and viscosity). Ideally suited for batch operation, these mixers fail to impress when implemented in a truly continuous operation. Prone to plugging where the powder meets the liquid stream and high air entrainment rates, true continuous operation becomes problematic.

In the Scott Turbon CDM (Continuous Dispersion Mixer) mixing system, powder ingredients are added at a controlled rate from either a volumetric or loss-in-weight (LIW) feeder. Dry ingredients merge with a metered liquid feed stream in a powder liquid interface device and are immediately drawn into the high shear mixer. The unique design of the powder-liquid interface eliminates plugging and minimizes air entrainment into the process. The high shear mixer, with a self-pumping rotor and stator design, discharges an agglomerate-free, uniform mixture.

Metering of the powder and liquid feed streams allows for precise control of discharge concentrations enabling true continuous processing.