Combination Vision And X-Ray Inspection Systems For Food Processing

Source: Wipotec-OCS

Vision inspection systems supplementary to high-performance X-ray scanners: along with X-ray detection, they also check the information printed on the products (batch data, nutritional values, best before dates, barcodes, and others) for correctness, ensure the printing is flawless, and check for correct positioning and readability of all labels and stickers (OCR and OCV).

Examples of the many varied inspection tasks:

  • Foreign body detection
  • Readability and position checking of all labels and stickers
  • Detecting the position or skewing of labels
  • Detecting broken products
  • Checking the external package and product dimensions
  • Checking for integrity of the seal
  • Reading barcodes or texts
  • Verifying cover films
  • Completeness check
  • Clip check
  • Mass determination
  • Filling level check

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