Guest Column | March 6, 2015

Choosing The Right Vacuum Food Packaging Processes And Materials

Vacuum Food Packaging Processes And Materials

By Bob Goldberg, Marketing Manager, PAC Machinery

Understanding how the contents of the bag can, and will, affect the packaging can go a long way in determining the specific packaging process required, the bag style, and bag material for your perishable products.

Today, consumers have the expectation that vacuum packaged food products will be fresh when opened. To meet this expectation, packagers must consider a few critical requirements: the right storage bag configuration, the correct bagging material, the appropriate packaging process, and the proper equipment to do the job. When done properly, vacuum packaging can extend freshness, preserve texture and appearance, protect nutritional value, and maintain the flavor of food significantly better than the use of undesirable food preservatives such as nitrites, antioxidants, and polyphosphates.

Choosing The Right Packaging Material

A common application for vacuum packaging is the bagging of dry brownie or cookie mix. In this application, the main concern is keeping the ingredients fresh, dry, and free of microbial contamination. Many modern packaging professionals are turning to stand-up pouches for dry ingredients, as these bags are resistant to puncture, oxygen, moisture, and UV light — all of which contribute to the degradation of dry baking products. Additionally, stand-up pouches provide increased retail appeal and provide added convenience for both packagers and consumers. These thick, sturdy bags feature multiple layers of barrier film that have been laminated together. The benefit here is that food remains fresh and safe for an extended period of time. When the consumer eats the product, taste, texture, and color are preserved, expectations of product quality are met and higher levels of customer satisfaction are achieved.

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