News | April 20, 1999

Cargill Follows Suit to Avoid Non-EU Approved Corn

Cargill Inc. said Friday that its traders would work with farmers to sell genetically modified (GM) corn but would avoid buying varieties for processing that have not yet been approved in Europe.

The statement by Cargill followed similar statements by Archer Daniels Midland and Britain's A.E. Staley & Co. earlier last week in response to doubts about GM foods in the European Union.

Cargill said its North American Grain division ``will accept all genetically modified crops on contract that have been approved for commercial sale in the United States and will work with producers to find appropriate non-EU markets for varieties that do not yet have EU approval,'' a Cargill spokesman said.

Cargill said its North American Corn Milling Division, on the other hand, will follow the policy set forth this week by other U.S. corn processors and accept only GM corn of the four varieties so far approved by the EU.