White Paper

Bridging The Gap In The Batch Market

Source: AVEVA

By Janice Abel and Craig Resnick

Bridging The Gap In The Batch Market

Recipe management plays an important role in the success of batch manufacturing, often representing a key component in a company’s manufacturing operations transformation process.

Manufacturing operations transformation involves many of the same aspects as broader business transformation. These include a reducing the number of applications deployed, master data management, centralized management and support of applications, global digitization platforms, standardized process and global best practices, plus performance management and KPIs. Specific benefits associated with manufacturing operations transformation often include improved equipment, unit and product consistency; faster time to market; quicker deployment of product changes; greater manufacturing flexibility; increased innovation; and improved product quality and consistency. A consistent and governed approach to recipe management across an enterprise is essential, as business’s look to safeguard their product quality and safety and leverage their supply chain.