News | January 29, 2014

Bosch Showcases Complete Line Capabilities For Bar Production


From processing to secondary and end-of-line packaging, Bosch Packaging Technology, one of the leading suppliers of complete solutions in processing and packaging technology, will present its innovations in bar production at Interpack 2014, Duesseldorf, Germany.

All machines are designed for simple integration with existing Bosch technology, allowing manufacturers to partner with a single-source solution provider for their entire bar production line. Bosch’s modular automation capabilities to be exhibited include the new WRF 600 Flex roller former for bar production with optimized trim, the recently launched non-contact product distribution station Transver SDP and Pack Feeder 4 with the Pack 401 horizontal flow wrapper for primary packaging. In addition, Bosch will present the seamless bar line for high-speed primary and secondary packaging combined with the user-friendly Elematic 3001 case packer with improved ergonomics. Martin Tanner, director business development and marketing, product division confectionery and food, Bosch Packaging Technology explains: “By offering complete lines to the market, Bosch meets manufacturers’ demands for a single-source solution provider for the full range of processing and packaging”.

New flexible roller former minimizes product waste
Bosch is launching its WRF 600 Flex roller former, which optimizes or eliminates the trim when processing bar masses, including cereal, candy, protein and fruit. As a result, less product is wasted, helping decrease production costs and contribute to faster return on investment (ROI). The smooth slab former offers a flexible working width and allows for an easy, stepless and tool-free adjustment for precise cutting to produce different sizes. Unlike other machines of its kind available in the market, Bosch’s WRF 600 Flex enables width changes without production stoppages, maximizing uptime and output. This also allows for maximum product usage as product is not wasted due to stoppages, contributing to faster ROI. In addition, manufacturers benefit from a hygienic design and easy tool-less cleaning.

Seamless bar line generates high OEE
Bosch will conduct live presentations of its high-speed bar packaging system at Interpack. The line is capable of reaching speeds up to 1,500 bars per minute and is designed as a single, seamless system helping confectionery manufacturers to maximize production and meet increasing demands for bars. The speed of all components in the line is balanced to eliminate bottlenecks, minimize downtime and optimize production flow, facilitating high OEE. The primary packaging technology of the bar line on display at the show comprises the Sigpack DCI product distribution station and the Sigpack HRM horizontal flow wrapping machine with automated precision splicer. These machines can be integrated with the Sigpack TTM toploader and the Elematic 3001 case packer to create a complete system designed specifically for the primary, secondary and end-of-line packaging of bars and bar-shaped products.

Pack Feeder 4 infeed system enhances efficiency
With Bosch’s recently launched non-contact product distribution station Transver SDP and the Pack Feeder 4 infeed system, bar manufacturers can increase efficiency. The sophisticated full product inspection of the Pack Feeder 4 detects misaligned products in order to be rejected. As a result, machine stops are minimized and productivity is increased. Depending on the product being packaged, the feeding system can be optionally equipped with side belts for optimal product positioning and stability, enhancing reliable and efficient bar packaging. The low-pressure design allows for gentle product handling. With its reliability and robustness, the Pack Feeder 4 can be operated 24/7. Thanks to the modularity and standardized interfaces, the feeding system can be easily integrated with Bosch’s flow wrapper portfolio. At Interpack, it will be showcased with the Pack 401 horizontal flow wrapper, now available with a narrower cutting head enabling higher packaging speeds for heat seal applications.

Case packer newly designed for increased safety and efficiency
After making its European debut at FachPack 2013, the Elematic 3001 case packer will have its global launch with Interpack. It handles a variety of pack styles, including tray, classic full wrap-around and two-part, shelf-ready packaging. This flexibility is ideal for manufacturers supporting different brands and products. The new ergonomic design and lowered blank magazine make machine operation easier and safer. With the new Elematic 3001, easy and tool-less packaging format changeovers are realized thanks to the intuitive “Elematic click system.” When parts lock into place, a click sound indicates the successful format changeover. Manufacturers benefit from higher efficiency as this eliminates time-consuming fine-tuning and avoids errors while using scales. Compared to previous models, Bosch further enhanced the Elematic’s hygienic design. With fewer components, the frame has an open design and is easily accessible. Horizontal surfaces and corners have been avoided and corrosion-resistant materials, such as stainless steel, anodized aluminum or brass, are used.

The technologies will be on display at Interpack 2014, Duesseldorf, Germany from May 8 to 14 in hall 6, booth A31 – C58.

Source: Robert Bosch Gmbh