Case Study

Bonduelle Achieves Six Years With Zero Lost Time Incidents

Source: Alchemy Systems
Bonduelle Achieves Six Years With Zero Lost Time Incidents

Bonduelle’s 500 vegetable varieties are processed at 58 facilities by over 10,000 workers. Safety is top of mind for the company, and with so many facilities and employees, creating a companywide culture of food safety is essential. This case study shows how Bonduelle used front-line workforce training, verification training, and automated recordkeeping and reporting to achieve its desired food safety goals.

The Challenge
Bonduelle places safety at the top of their priorities. “We believe in our people,” says Jodi Haggith, HR and Training Supervisor. “Without our employees we wouldn’t be as successful as we are today.” In order to continually improve and drive safety culture, Bonduelle recognized the need to focus on improving new hire orientation and workplace safety training.

“We had to be sure all employees - seasonal or permanent and regardless of their position - were following our policies and procedures,” said Haggith. “But we had a lot of challenges with creating interesting content and delivering consistent messages.”

Workplace safety was a key focus. “If we’re not working safe, then we’re not working at all. If we’re not putting out a safe product, we’re not putting out product at all,” says Troy Duffenais, Packaging Operator.