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Bayer Takes Innovation In Seeds And New Fungicide To Showtec And Agrobrasília

During the fairs, visitors will see advances in soy, corn, crop protection, digital agriculture and sustainability, as well as recommendations from industry experts

São Paulo /PRNewswire/ - The health and nutrition multinational Bayer will be present at two major fairs in the country this May: Showtec, the largest agricultural event in Mato Grosso do Sul, headquartered in Maracaju (MS ), which occurs between days 23 to 25; and AgroBrasília, a traditional agricultural event in the Midwest focused on innovation, held between the 23rd and 27th. With global investments of more than €2.8 billion per year in Research and Development (R&D) for agriculture, the company presents innovations in seeds, a unique fungicide for soy farming, state-of-the-art digital tools and new business models, directly contributing to the growth of agricultural production in a sustainable manner.

The most recent advance in the strategy of bringing innovations that allow producing more in the same hectare can be known firsthand by visitors to Showtec and AgroBrasília: Fox Supra , a new systemic fungicide, ideal for use in controlling diseases in the culture of soy. The formulation has two active ingredients, Protioconazole and Impirfluxam, which together act with high performance in different stages of the infectious process of diseases such as Asian rust, target spot, brown spot, anthracnose, cercospora and powdery mildew.

For corn, two innovative products support farmers in some of the main problems in the crop: the nematicide Verango Prime , for the effective and long-lasting control of nematodes in corn, such as nematode nematode ( Pratylenchus zeae ) and nematode nematode -galls ( Meloidogyne incognita ), and the insecticide Curbix® , which has a highly efficient contact effect against both leafhoppers and bedbugs, helping in the integrated management of pests.

"The incomparable pressure of pests and diseases in Brazilian tropical agriculture demands that we deliver solutions that help to reach, in a sustainable way, all the existing productive potential. Bayer is proud to participate in crucial moments for the evolution of agriculture alongside the producers" , points out Marcio Santos , commercial leader of Bayer's agricultural division. "We are very excited to personally show Showtec and AgroBrasília visitors the innovations developed so that they produce more per hectare, also reducing the environmental impact, with a smarter, more efficient decision-making process based on data from their properties. "

According to Márcio Santos, the company's mission is to act as the main partner of the rural producer in decision-making regarding the crop. "We do this based on knowledge and investment in data science, in seeds, in biological products and agrochemicals – so today we have the most complete crop protection portfolio on the market", he says.

At Showtec, visitors have the opportunity to learn about the benefits offered by Impulso Bayer, the company's loyalty program, in addition to the exclusive cashback campaign for customers who are part of the program. These will be able to ask a Bayer representative for a simulation of pesticide purchases to verify the amounts they would receive back in cashback — the calculation is progressive, so the more products purchased, the greater the financial return.

Digital solutions to shape the future
In addition to the Bayer portfolio, visitors to Showtec and AgroBrasília can have contact with the solutions developed by the company to digitize the countryside and unlock new opportunities to transform agriculture, says Alexandre Pimenta, director of Climate FieldView.

The area of ​​digital solutions presents the most recent advances in this segment. At AgroBrasília, visitors will have access to an exclusive FieldView space to learn more about the platform through demonstrations and conversations with specialists.

Visitors can obtain more information about solutions and innovative business models such as Bayer VAlora, which seeks to optimize the population density of corn seeds from personalized recommendations for each productive environment, built based on data and science models built by the company, or Barter+ Powered by FieldView — the latest modality launched by the company, which customizes transactions made via Barter according to data from each farmer's property.

"We are at the side of the producer, working more efficiently with different production environments and focusing on better profitability", says Pimenta.

field of innovations
Bayer, holder of the most modern biotechnologies in soy and corn, has areas planted with the latest launches in hybrids and varieties totally focused on the region. For soybeans, visitors can check out the new Intacta2 Xtend® Platform , which has already yielded more than 100 bags of soybeans per hectare in dozens of properties in the last harvest.

The Intacta2 Xtend® Platform brings an unprecedented concept to the crop: a technology that offers protection against the 6 main caterpillars of the soybean crop, through 3 different proteins that act simultaneously, providing a more comprehensive protection with emphasis on two more relevant species, Helicoverpa armigera and Spodoptera cosmioides and weed control .

Another benefit of the platform is the Xtend® Biotec varieties , which bring new levels of productivity to non-Bt areas as well. Both technologies can be associated with management with the Xtend® Herbicides portfolio , which is highly efficient in controlling broadleaf weeds, such as horseweed, caruru, morning glory and black beggarticks.

The company's already established brands Monsoy and Agroeste are also present at the fairs, presenting their lines which, together, already offer more than 20 varieties for soy with the new biotechnology platform, with adaptability for each region of the country, bringing the producer the best tool to obtain real gains of new levels of productivity.

In corn, the producer can observe the VTPRO4® biotechnology , which provides high protection against pests in the aerial parts (cabinet caterpillar, stem borer, threadworm and elasmo caterpillar) and root (pinworm), in addition to flexibility in weed management (tolerance to the Roundup herbicide), in high-yield hybrids adapted for the whole country.

Still for corn, at Showtec, Sementes Agroceres , for example, brings the hybrids AG 8701 PRO4 , which combines differentiated protection and high productive potential, and AG 8065 PRO4 , which delivers precocity and tolerance to white spot. Dekalb brings the DKB 255 PRO4 , a hybrid with a very high productive ceiling, with an early cycle and excellent response to the use of technology, and the DKB 380 PRO3 , with good productive potential and wide adaptability, leaf health and stem quality. And the Agroeste brand presents hybrids such as AS 1868 PRO4 , which presents excellent productivity, with stability and foliar health, and AS1844 PRO4, a hybrid that combines stability, leaf health and good tolerance to bacterial streak. At AgroBrasília, some of the hybrids that will be taken are the AG 8606 PRO4, which combines stability, health and productive potential, the DKB 335 PRO4 , with differentiated productivity with emphasis on leaf health and the AS 1820 PRO4, which has excellent performance in all the environments.

crop protection
In a country like Brazil, with a tropical climate, agricultural pesticides are allies that guarantee the protection of crops in the fight against pests, diseases and weeds. During the fairs, the producer can learn about some of the most innovative solutions in this regard, such as the herbicide for the pre-emergent management of weeds in corn, Adengo® , which brings an alternative with a broad spectrum of control and two modes of action (Isoxaflutol and Thiencarbazone), acting on both wide and narrow leaves. In addition, the solution has a stable and long-lasting formulation with proven efficiency in our field work.

Also noteworthy is the fungicide Fox® Xpro , which fights the main diseases of soybeans, corn, cotton, winter cereals, sunflowers and beans, providing protection and helping to gain productivity. Composed of three active ingredients, Fox® Xpro allows triple action on the main diseases that affect crops, such as the dreaded Asian soybean rust.

For insects that are difficult to control, such as bed bugs and corn leafhoppers, in Bayer's portfolio, producers have the insecticide Curbix 200 SC® ️, which acts to control these insects in two ways: through ingestion and in the insect contact when moving across the surface of the plant containing the product, providing a prolonged period of control. Additionally, the application of Connect® is recommended , which has a translaminar translocation action, which affects the nymphs. The insecticide has a prolonged control period against bedbugs and leafhoppers.

As for the control of nematodes, Bayer offers Verango® Prime, aimed at soy and corn, with the active ingredient Fluopyram, an innovative molecule that offers effective and long-lasting control, with low dosage per hectare. The broad spectrum of control against the most diverse species of nematodes is fundamental for the management of this pest. It is also worth mentioning that the nematicide Verango® Prime has a healthy and synergistic coexistence with biological products, such as Serenade® , a bactericidal fungicide with multiple modes of action that is used in crops such as citrus, soybeans, cotton, beans and horticultural crops.

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