News | February 1, 2011

Battery-Less Temperature Sensors Now Available In UK & Scandinavia


ProximaRF Technology Corporation has signed on Presto Electronic Components Limited of Kingsclere, Newbury, UK as a product distributor in the UK and Scandinavia. Presto will sell the Proxima RF line of passive temperature sensors, dataloggers and readers to system integrators and manufacturers looking for new methods to monitor temperature.

Proxima RF uses energy harvesting principles to power not only a high frequency (HF) 13.56 MHz RFID tag but also a combination of resistive sensors including temperature.

The results are affordable battery-less sensors that can be permanently embedded or applied in a variety of locations. By adding a battery, the sensor becomes a data logger for those applications that require continual temperature data points. HF RFID is the frequency of choice in high water content environments such as with food, meat, produce and beverages for cold chain and quality control applications.

"Presto is a leading distributor of technology parts and components for system integrators and manufacturers in the UK. Their dedicated, personal approach to technical sales knowledge of the market is a real benefit for us," said Terry Rachwalski, VP Business Development for Proxima RF.

Martin Clarke, Director for Presto Electronics replied, "Proxima RF's temperature sensing and reader line are ideal for applications where the security and accuracy of proximity reading is required or where the water content from food stuffs, produce and beverages would interfere with UHF emissions. The technology and in particular, the mobile readers that power the temperature sensors will work well where existing operations need to add sensing."

SOURCE: ProximaRF Technology Corporation