News | April 6, 2016

Avoid Expensive Product Recalls With OCS Inspection Systems

Source: Wipotec

Food recalls seem to dominate the current headlines. Renowned companies have recently launched product recalls because of production-related impurities. Affected products include cold cuts, sour cherries, sliced cheese and, most recently, chocolate bars. All were found to have bits of plastic or other foreign substances in them.

Dr. Michael Siegrist, X-ray systems expert at OCS Checkweighers, proposes a way to get the problem of plastic contaminants under control. "All plastic components used for a production process must be exchanged with replacement parts made by a special recipe (food permitted). This makes the plastic material detectable with a professional X-ray scanner." The affected products can then be reliably ejected from the production flow. This will prevent life threatening risks to the consumer as well as costly and sensitive recall actions by the manufacturer.

Ingolf Latz, Director International Sales at OCS Checkweighers adds: "We supply a first class range of very successful x-ray scanners that are up to the challenge of meeting the most stringent requirements of professional product inspection on an industrial scale." We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with comprehensive advice and to offer a custom solution for your inspection needs.

Source: Wipotec