Automation Engineering & Commissioning Software For Food Manufacturing

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Consumer products are produced by systems that are increasingly sophisticated and complex, and consequently, difficult to develop and modify. Automation Engineering and Virtual Commissioning allow manufacturers to start-up and fine-tune production processes on virtual models, saving time and cost, reducing the risk of production downtime and potential work-related accidents.

Regardless of the consumer product you produce, or the type of plant (hybrid or discrete) you operate, the startup of a new plant, and its modification, take time and expose you to risks. Manufacturing processes are controlled by a sophisticated programmable logic controller (PLC) programs that drive advanced tooling, robots, transfer lines, and safety equipment. PLC programming allows manufactures to alter production lines without having to completely retool the entire facility. However, whenever changes are made, engineers must still stop production for an extended period of time while they debug PLC programs against live equipment.

With our virtual commissioning solutions, you can debug your PLC codes in a virtual environment before downloading them to real equipment. By simulating and validating virtually, you can confirm that your automation equipment will work as expected, significantly reducing system startup time and costs, as well as the risks of lost production time and work-related accidents.

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