Automatic Flexible Filling System For Food Packaging: UNIMAT


The UNIMAT is part of the DOSOMAT series. This machine is a fully-automatic filling device for filling all types of products. The range of products extends from liquids to highly pasty and solid products. The UNIMAT is available as an additional dosage device for previously existing closing machines, or e.g. as a flexible filling machine at different stations of menu lines. Likewise, a UNIMAT is also an interesting solution as a solo machine (e.g. to fill glass jars).

The UNIMAT can be changed to other container heights in a short time and is thus suitable for flexible batch runs.

The UNIMAT covers a performance range of 300 - 15,000 fills per hour. Utilization areas are: milk and meat processing, fast food and animal feed, beverages and delicatessen, as well as cosmetics and chemistry/pharmaceuticals. The core of the DOSOMAT assembly, namely the dosing station, was integrated into an independent machine frame for the UNIMAT. This results in an adjustable dosing unit, usable at different locations, which can be connected to the existing devices, but is still an independent machine. A UNIMAT is perfect for special versions, such as the variations shown with heated dosing and heated hopper, as well as versions with special dosing systems (e.g. pharmaceutical products).

The dosing unit is either driven via servo engines or fully mechanically via double-cam drives. Thus a unique precision of movement sequences is achieved, and the greatest amount of dosing accuracy is ensured. The UNIMAT mechanically achieves speeds of up to 60 cycles/min.

As with all units from the WALDNER company, our UNIMATs are also constructed with the greatest care and are serviced after delivery. With the help of our sophisticated quality assurance systems (certified DIN ISO 9001:2000 compliant), all work steps on a UNIMAT are understandable. The highest quality becomes the standard.

Thus, even years later, it is still possible to retrofit or upgrade a UNIMAT to accommodate other containers or products. 

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