Automated Product Inspection Systems for Poultry Applications

Automated Product Inspection Systems for Poultry Applications

Eagle is experienced in providing x-ray inspection solutions to the poultry industry and we understand the different challenges inherent to the industry, especially regarding detection of bones. Automated poultry inspection systems offer processors an inline contamination inspection system which includes x-ray, trim tables, infeed, reject and return facilities. This system offers much more reliable and consistent results than manual inspection, resulting in consistent product quality and ultimately protecting your brand.

Installing a trimming station in conjunction with an Eagle x-ray system can help poultry manufacturers enhance product safety and quality, as well as maximize yields and profits. Trimming stations allow chicken breasts to be trimmed, deboned and cut to a particular size, before being subjected to x-ray inspection, where bones down to 2 mm in size can be detected and rejected. Furthermore, if products don’t meet manufacturers’ exact requirements, they can be returned to the trimming station for re-work.


  • Single system supply, no requirements to work with multiple vendors to accomplish the desired result.
  • Optimized design to minimize material handling and product transfers to reduce product damage.
  • Modular designs for fast, error free assembly and deployment to minimize installation problems for faster implementation and shorter project timelines.
  • Heavy duty construction for operation in harsh environments, designed for ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  • Separate raw product infeed and trimmed product outfeed conveyors eliminates the possibility of raw untrimmed product being sent further downstream.
  • Use of Acetal (PA) thermoplastic belting for strong long life operation while being easy to clean and use by operators due to its low coefficient of friction enabling fast and easy removal and placement of product on the belt.
  • Modular construction with four trim stations (two per side) provided as standard, expandable by increments of four to suit the application.
  • Trim tables are illuminated from below making detecting bone locations faster to improve trim first pass yield and throughput performance.
  • Unitized design with integrated lower raw product infeed and upper trimmed meat outfeed conveyors to minimize system footprint and installation requirements.
  • Retractable belt reject is available in either single or dual lane configuration for use in standard or high rate applications. It is fully interlocked and hinged guarding for safe operation and ease of access and cleaning.
  • Reject return conveyor automates the delivery of rejected product back to operators for rework and re-inspection.
  • The Eagle Pack 400 HC Poultry Optimized x-ray inspection machine is optimized for poultry inspection using low energy and high signal output for maximum image resolution and detection capabilities for low density poultry product.

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