Apprise® ERP Software

Source: Aptean

Apprise ERP is designed to meet the needs of importers and distributors of consumer products. Apprise ERP includes tools and features that help retail suppliers manage and improve business-wide processes.


Apprise ERP is a fully integrated, end-to-end solution focused on consumer goods distribution. Because of this focus, Apprise ERP can handle the specific tasks and complex needs of importers and distributors with little to no customizations. For importers and distributors of consumer goods, it’s built to do what you do.


With Apprise ERP, you'll have more visibility and control over your entire operation:

  • Real-time profit visibility, know your top suppliers, products & customers
  • Accurate demand planning that includes seasonality, lead times & more
  • See your true bottom line, with royalties, taxes & fees included
  • Designed for Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) orders and shipping
  • Easy retailer compliance and chargeback management
  • Integrated EDI and Managed EDI services
  • Includes tools for importing and warehouse management
  • Cloud or on-premise deployment