News | April 19, 2017

Anton Paar Introduces A Compact Abbemat Refractometer Series

Technology leader Anton Paar has launched three new compact refractometer models: Abbemat 3200, 3100, and 3000.

Ashland, Virginia (PRWEB) In the daily laboratory routine many tasks and responsibilities need to be handled. Complicated worksteps or equipment that clutters valuable workspace are not welcome. The new Anton Paar refractometers give exactly the functions needed, and smoothly integrate into laboratories in the beverage, food, chemicals, and fragrances industry, without taking up much space or time – or money.

What counts is what is needed: Convenient operation as well as fast and precise results. That’s why the new Abbemat refractometer series combines the best of both worlds – high-level technology and easy handling. It offers premium technology, wrapped up in an intuitive design at an attractive price.

The new Abbemat models need only as much space as a sheet of printer paper, which saves valuable space on the laboratory bench.

Low sample volume, nearly no maintenance, and an attractive price allowing users to stay within time and on budget. Reliable refractive index measurements with an accuracy of ±0.0001 nD are obtained at the push of a button on the 5.8” inch intuitive color touchscreen. The measurement data is stored on an internal data memory and can easily be exported or printed for further reference via USB, RS-232, or Ethernet ports.

Three models are offered with or without temperature control in different temperature and measuring ranges to cover all eventualities needed for measurement. 
The Abbemat refractometers are used for quality control of pure liquid substances, concentration measurement of binary solutions, and for determining further parameters correlating with the refractive index. Anton Paar provides more than 100 methods derived from the refractive index which can be uploaded onto the Abbemat refractometers.


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