Source: Ampco Pumps Company

Rental blenders available for a nominal monthly fee. Test the AC+ dry blender in your facility to ensure it works well in your current system.

How it Works

Powder is introduced through the inner tube while the liquid flows through the outer tube to the mixing chamber. Because the liquid enters the chamber in the same direction as the impeller rotation, the flow is accelerated with minimal splashing. An inner screen creates back pressure, moving the liquid down and creating a natural suction into which the dry ingredient is introduced by opening the butterfly valve.

AC+ Blenders are also suitable for liquid to liquid applications.

AC+ Dry Blender 4329 Product Specs

  • Powder addition rate: up to 350 lbs. per minute (159kg/min)
  • Normal liquid flow rate: 130 GPM (29.5 m3/hr).
  • Powder addition inlet: 4 inch
  • Liquid inlet: 2 inch
  • Liquid outlet: 4 inch
  • 304 Stainless steel base with belt drive.