airlock valves

Our rotary airlocks and diverters valves provide superior performance. Schenck Process experts can help you select the right valve for your product, process and usage to solve common problems and deliver uncommon value. 

Schenck Process offers a wide range of airlocks and diverter valves for numerous pneumatic conveying applications.

  • Easy to disassemble and clean airlocks for food and pet food process applications
  • High throughput airlocks with handling capacities up to 220,000 lbs. per hour
  • Diverters available in 22.5, 30 and 45 degree divert angles for use in diverting air-conveyed
  • or gravity-flow materials into either of two destinations; or from either of two sources to
  • one destination
  • Airlocks and diverters available in stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron or aluminum

High Efficiency (HE) Airlocks

Engineered and manufactured to provide high-quality reliable service during continuous on-stream duty. Features angled cast inlets to reduce shear and distribute wear. The removable inspection facilitates that requirement and allows easy access to the adjustable tips.

Multi Duty (MD) Airlocks

A highly universal airlock designed for rugged service. It is suitable for use in dilute phase vacuum, pressure or combination vacuum/pressure pneumatic conveying systems with a maximum differential pressure of 15 psi.

Round Airlocks Multi-Duty (RAM)

The RAM Airlock includes round, flanged inlet and outlet connections with 150 lb. drilling.  The basic valve is designed for 15 psi differential pressure service and comes complete with a fabricated, machined, eight-vane open end rotor.

Heavy Duty (HD) Airlocks

Heavy Duty Airlocks are used in pneumatic conveying systems and gravity discharge of filters, cyclones, storage tanks, and as volumetric feeders.

MTA Airlocks

MTA Airlocks feature a heavy duty cast, precision-machined valves designed from application requiring a valve capable of operating at differential pressures of up to 30 psi.

Global Cleanable Airlocks (GCA)

The GCA valve offers the largest CFR capacity on the market, so manufacturers can use cleanable technology in systems with high product volume demand.

High Pressure (HP) Airlocks

The HP is ideal for an application requiring a valve suited for operation in the range of 30-60 psi. All HP airlocks are standard with machined tapered 316 stainless steel cast housing with ceramic bore and end plates.

CV Valves

The Conveying Valve blow-thru design allows the airlock to meter product form the rotating pockets directly into the conveying line. The CV valve is ideal in applications with limited head room.

Fabricated Square and Round (FS and FR) Airlocks

The RS and FR Airlocks are equipped with flexible wiper blade rotors to provide superior handling for stringy or fibrous products. This design is used in applications where little or no pressure differential is present across the inlet or outlet ports.

WG Airlocks

The WG Airlock is a fabricated wiper style airlock. It has fabricated a non-machined house with a six-vane urethane flex tip rotor. Design for up to 20” WC pressure.

Butterfly Scale Diverters

The heavy duty butterfly mounts directly to the top of the receiver bin to solve low head room requirements and facilitate accurate scaling/weighments into the receiver.  The fill/pass arrangement allows multiple bins to be serviced.  Suitable for line pressures up through 15 psi.

BV Diverters

The BV valve is designed for powder handling applications at line pressures up to 1 barg and has a machined housing with Teflon packing gland seals, bronze shaft bushings and flanged 68 kg drilling inlet and outlet connections.

PT 45 Diverters

The PT 45 diverter features a tunnel that rotates 45 degrees port to port with no contamination. This valve includes a positive food grade rubber silicone seat at each port, and can be used in convey line applications operating at line pressure up to 5 barg.

PV Diverters

The PV Diverter is equipped with a plug and is designed for pellet handling applications at line pressures up to 1 barg. It features machined housings with Teflon packing gland seals, bronze shaft bushings and flanged PN10 or ASA 150 lb. drilling inlet and outlet connections.

Sealed Blade Line Diverters

These valves divert product at a 30 degree angle. This valve features a heavy-duty wear blade with a synthetic polymer insert to seal against the valve and plates.

YV Diverters

These valves feature a stainless steel diverting blade that diverts at a 22.5 degree angle. The valve includes a replaceable resilient urethane sleeve to provide a tight seat for the diverting blade. Units are designed for system operations up to 1 barg.

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