White Paper

Achieving Operational Excellence In Food And Beverage

Source: Aptean

By Reid Paquin, Research Analyst, manufacturing, product innovation & Engineering (PIE) 

Based on the experiences of over 170 respondents, this report explores how Food and Beverage (F&B) manufactures achieve operational excellence. Specifically, how Leaders in the industry focus on three key areas of their operations – production efficiency, product quality and safety, and sustainability costs – to succeed as a business.

Operational Excellence (OpEx)has long been a philosophy that manufacturers have striven to achieve. For an industry like Food and Beverage, this is a challenging endeavor as the environment these companies operate in can be complex. The products F&B companies produce have a direct impact on the health and safety of their consumers. This relationship with the consumer, combined with the jump in high impact food recalls over the past few years, has put an increased spotlight on product quality. However, these companies still have to handle the pressures that more traditional efficiency, cut costs, and differentiate their products from competitors. As a result, F&B manufacturers are struggling to compete in this interconnected and highly complex environment.