White Paper

A New Direction For Hygienic Secondary Packaging

Source: Langen Group
Hygienic Secondary Packaging

The new generation of Langen hygienic packaging machines have been designed according to the seven key principles we identified as being essential for making breakthroughs in hygiene performance:

  • Solid components only, preventing bacteria from building up in the first place.
  • Fewer flat and horizontal surfaces, minimise the potential for dust and dirt to settle, while also preventing water from pooling anywhere on the machine.
  • Minimum contact, cutting the number of places where one surface touches another.
  • Modular assemblies, making it easier to remove components and assemblies for thorough cleaning.
  • No hidden dust traps, avoiding the use of cosmetic features, such as conduits and ducts to hide wiring, which also provide a safe haven for bacteria.
  • Easy to clean materials, with low levels of surface roughness, use of stainless steel and active review of new materials.
  • Simplification, taking out unnecessary components and reducing the number of moving parts.

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