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A Beginner's Guide To Food Manufacturing And ERP Software

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A Beginner’s Guide To Food Manufacturing And ERP Software

Investing in integrated business software for any company is a large undertaking and not something that can be taken lightly. You need to look at every business process at your company and reconfigure it into this new system. For food manufacturers and distributors this is an especially daunting task, as there are many unique processes that you need to sure can be ported over to a system.

With this is mind, we’ve created this beginners guide to help food companies determine if they’re ready for an integrated solution and what type of software would help them achieve their business goals.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • The standard features and functions associated with integrated business software including accounting, sales and finance
  • Food specific functionality like quality, safety, inventory and recipe management
  • The benefits of integrating all of your business practices into a single system
  • Common road blocks growing food companies face that indicate it’s time to look into an integrated system

When does a food company need ERP software?

An ERP implementation is a complex process. For food manufacturing companies, there are very specific signifiers that need to be observed in order to really know when it is time for an ERP. In the early stages of managing a business, getting customers and delivering orders are the most important priorities. Transactions between you and your customers as well as between departments in your facility can be handled manually and with basic business software.

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