Samantha Cortez

Samantha Cortez is a contributing writer for Food Online.


  • Walmart Is Blazing A Trail In Traceability Standards

    Retail giant reinforces PTI efforts with mandatory labeling system. Once again, Walmart has taken steps to improve the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI).On January 1, 2014 the retailer began refusing any produce arriving at its distribution centers without a proper case label that met its new PTI standard.

  • Whole Foods Rolls Out New Sustainability Rating System

    Organic grocer is setting out to improve transparency in the supply chain while reducing the agriculture industry’s use of pesticides. Whole Foods will be unveiling a new initiative this coming fall to provide a higher level of transparency of its products to consumers.  The launch will not only provide consumers with insight regarding how sustainable its fresh produce is, the system also holds the potential to change the relationship between Whole Foods and its suppliers.