• The EU's Ban On TiO2 In Food May Impact Pharma. Here's What You Should Know.

    Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is used as a food additive and OSD pharmaceutical excipient. In 2020, the European Food Safety Authority noted data gaps regarding particle size, which can affect its toxicological properties, so the European Commission banned it as a food additive. Here's how this could impact pharma.


Rajendran (Raj) Arunagiri

Rajendran (Raj) Arunagiri has been in the pharma industry for a decade and has successfully developed and launched a new excipient. He is a co-author of technical articles and is an invited speaker at conferences focused on excipients and drug delivery. He specializes in the area of poorly soluble APIs and modified release. Arunagiri welcomes you to reach out to him for questions, comments, and collaboration ideas at