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Is X-Ray Inspection Or Metal Detection Right For You?

A major thorn in the side of every food manufacturer or processor is the potential of foreign body contaminants entering food products, leaving the plant, and entering the market. There are many ways — including X-ray inspection systems and metal detectors — food makers battle the possibility of foreign body contamination. But, which one is right for you?

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  • Filling Machine Options Are Based On Volume Or Fill Level
    Filling Machine Options Are Based On Volume Or Fill Level

    Some people go off on liquid filling adventures without getting all the answers first. One reason this happens is because they may not know the right questions beyond, "How fast does it go?" It may be true that speed is a question of money, but if you don't get the right filler for your needs, it won't matter how much money you spend. You won't go anywhere.

  • Standard Machine Language Simplifies Line Integration
    Standard Machine Language Simplifies Line Integration

    PackML, also identified as the ISA88 industry standard TR88.00.02, is an important software structuring methodology developed by the OMAC Packaging Workgroup (Organization for Machine Automation and Control).

  • Flat-Bottom Flexible Bags Stand Out In Food Applications
    Flat-Bottom Flexible Bags Stand Out In Food Applications

    Steady growth continues to mark flexible packaging’s food sector. According to the Flexible Packaging Association’s 2014 State of the Industry report, food accounts for 59 percent of all U.S. flexible packaging expenditures, with the food sector growing about 3.2 percent annually. The surge is fueled in part by the popularity of single-serving containers and value-added packaging that offers enhanced freshness and ease of use.  

  • The Bagging Triangle: Food Packaging Concept Builds Value At Every Corner
    The Bagging Triangle: Food Packaging Concept Builds Value At Every Corner

    Dry bulk packaging is a simple yet sensitive balancing act. Maximum efficiency and productivity are at the center of a triangle, with product, bag, and machine at the vertices. This delicate balance is called The Bagging Triangle. It describes the relationships between the three corners and how the right combination can positively impact an operation’s bottom line. It’s a simple concept; a shift or change in one corner — the product, bag, or machine — necessitates a change in one or sometimes both of the others.

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  • Logistics Optimization And Vision Systems In The Food Industry
    Logistics Optimization And Vision Systems In The Food Industry

    Food production is highly automated, and food manufacturers rely on high-speed vision systems for packaging processes. A barcode scanner can be part of the logistics system created by a company’s in-house machine builders to help save time.

  • Fresh Food On The Table: How Hygienic Automation Technology Brings Quality To Consumers
    Fresh Food On The Table: How Hygienic Automation Technology Brings Quality To Consumers

    Consumers are looking for reliable quality when they buy their groceries. Hygienic manufacturing, filling, and packaging in the food industry ensures first-class products. An important factor in hygienic value-creation chains is customer-specific solutions.

  • Filling Convenience Meals And Gourmet Salads
    Filling Convenience Meals And Gourmet Salads

    In the fast-moving world of specialty salads and convenience meals, machines ensure that the results taste good. These machines fill, seal, and pack culinary specialties into various containers. This white paper explains how automation in the form of servopneumatic components, sensors, and process drives sets the food processing pace.

  • Load Cells For A Portable Structure

    We know that a weighing system must be rigid to get good results. We should also know that a three point system is inherently more stable than a four point system as three points define a plane. We know that we can convert a four wheel portable vessel to a three point system by using a double frame design “sandwich concept."

  • Manufacturing Plants Based on the Lego Principle

    Smaller batches and different types of product in the same plant – these are the market demands to which more and more manufacturers in the process industries need to adjust. The answer is plants based on the “Lego principle”.

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  • Mekitec US
    Mekitec US

    The founders of Mekitec have a combined experience of several decades in the development, industrialization and manufacturing of X-ray imaging systems, applied in medical, security and safety areas. This unique combination of in-depth knowledge of various industries has enabled the management to do long-term research and development in the food industry.

  • Eppendorf

    Eppendorf is a leading life science company that develops and sells instruments, consumables, and services for liquid, sample, and cell handling in laboratories worldwide. Its product range includes pipettes and automated pipetting systems, dispensers, centrifuges, mixers, spectrometers, and DNA amplification equipment as well as ultra-low temperature freezers, fermentors, bioreactors, CO2 incubators, shakers, and cell manipulation systems. Consumables such as pipette tips, test tubes, microtiter plates, and disposable bioreactors complement the range of highest-quality premium products.

  • Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums
    Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums

    Nilfisk CFM industrial vacuums stop the spread of dangerous pathogens otherwise spread by brooms, mops, rags, compressed air – even inadequately filtered vacuums. Our advanced filtering technology with HEPA filters guarantees the most thorough cleaning, capturing bacteria down to 0.3 microns in size.

  • Magnetic Products, Inc.
    Magnetic Products, Inc.

    Magnetic Products, Inc. (MPI), is a worldwide provider of both magnetic and non-magnetic material handling solutions including metal control systems.

  • Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
    Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

    Brookfield is the world's leading manufacturer of viscometers and rheometers for the pharmaceutical industry. The rotational method of viscosity measurement enables complete flow curve characterization for pharmaceutical materials.

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  • Positive Displacement Pipette Kit: BioMaster
    Positive Displacement Pipette Kit: BioMaster

    Enjoy contamination-free pipetting with the BioMaster Positive Displacement Pipette, an adjustable pipette for the volume range from 1 µL to 20 µL. With the Positive Displacement Tip, the pipette functions according to the positive-displacement principle; thus, the formation of aerosols—a common cause of contamination—is eliminated.

  • Food Processing High Shear Blenders – SB Series
    Food Processing High Shear Blenders – SB Series

    Mixing is becoming increasingly important in the widest variety of processes. Today’s products often comprise a magnitude of ingredients such as stabilizers, thickeners, gums, sugars and other additives. This offers a challenge to customers to provide a consistent blend quality in the most efficient manner. SB Series food processing high shear blenders can help with these challenges.

  • MIDMEKI™ X-Ray Inspection System
    MIDMEKI™ X-Ray Inspection System

    With MIDMEKI, we expand our unique product line with a device that combines the benefits of MEKI with a wider conveyor and a remarkably larger detection area. It is especially designed for the inspection of larger food products, trays of smaller products and the inspection of multiple lines.

  • Drum Magnet System For Bulk Materials: TMG
    Drum Magnet System For Bulk Materials: TMG

    This system is suitable for a continuous separation of tramp iron and midsized ferrous contamination from various dry bulk materials. A adjust-able 180° magnetic section inside the rotating drum shell attracts the ferrous contaminants and rotates them out of the material flow. After leaving the terminated magnetic field all separated particles fall off the system. Non-ferrous materials pass the drum separator unaffected.

  • End of Line Food Packaging Checkweigher, Model XE100
    End of Line Food Packaging Checkweigher, Model XE100

    The XE100 checkweigher is perfect for use in logistics and end-of-line packaging applications, where strict demands are placed on accuracy and ease of operation.

  • Nutraceutical Contract Packaging Services
    Nutraceutical Contract Packaging Services

    Packaging plays a vital role in selling nutraceutical products in today’s competitive world.

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