Wipotec-OCS is an internationally recognized partner for efficient checkweighers, catchweighers, in-motion scales as well as X-ray scanners. The name is synonymous with high-quality, ultra fast solutions and outstanding service. Our products stand for 100% in-line control in your production. Regardless of which branch you belong to.

Competence in dynamic weighing.

Based on our experience of over 30 years in the checkweighing sector you will find a comprehensive product range around the dynamic weighing for individual requirements and tasks - ranging from milligrams to kilograms, from pharmaceuticals to the food industry.

A dedicated team, an equally innovative and solid technology partner, subsidiaries in e.g. France, Great Britain, Italy and USA as well as an interlaced distribution and service network, Wipotec-OCS is your partner world-wide.

Wipotec-OCS GmbH has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

The decisive advantage with all of our solutions is the effective and constant combination of high speed with absolute precision - a factor that is of enormous benefit in every industrial application and that pays for itself very quickly.

All Wipotec-OCS products owe their long service lives and their reliability to their extraordinarily good quality.

Together with our customers, the Wipotec-OCS application consultants find exactly the right product combination that guarantees the greatest possible benefit to the user for the respective application with its individual requirements.


Nowadays, X-ray scanners frequently replace metal detectors that can detect electrically or magnetically conductive particles. Metal detectors cannot detect glass, stones or plastic, only X-ray scanners are able to do this.

Vision inspection systems supplementary to high-performance X-ray scanners: along with X-ray detection, they also check the information printed on the products (batch data, nutritional values, best before dates, barcodes, and others) for correctness, ensure the printing is flawless, and check for correct positioning and readability of all labels and stickers (OCR and OCV).

The success of an X-ray scanner is based largely on the use of powerful software routines combined with high-resolution X-ray images. The software relies on two parameters: grey values and contrast. Grey values represent the differing density of the products inspected. The second parameter is the contrast, which is understood to mean the comparison of a value with its neighboring cells.

The SC-E model is the perfect entry to the world of ultra-modern X-ray inspection systems and the associated high quality product line of WIPOTEC-OCS.

Top-down X-ray scanners inspect  the product from above and for this the camera taking the image is located underneath the conveyor belt. This construction is always chosen when the height of the products is low compared to their surface area.

WIPOTEC-OCS provides a reliable and robust combination of checkweigher and metal detection in an innovative, hygienic Wash Down design. This model meets all statutory provisions for the food processing industry like IFS-compliant product control, and HACCP or LMHV/FDA (Food Hygiene Regulations).

This machine is for heavy load and a high-tech combination scale and metal detector, together in one compact unit that sets the quality standard in terms of product safety.

The HC-A-MDi checkweigher / metal detector model is synonymous with high precision weighing in combination with extremely sensitive metal detection for optimal performance. It is a practical combination of inspection technologies in the interests of increased consumer safety and provides scales and metal detector in one space-saving unit, which can be operated from one HMI and easily integrated as part of any line.

If high-precision weighing of products is not enough and it requires an additional reliable inspection for metallic impurities, there is the HC-M-MDi checkweigher / metal detector system.

An innovative hygienic design complies with regulatory provisions and, furthermore, provides the highest possible protection (IP 69K). Designed as a mono-checkweigher, the HC-WD-SL can be optionally equipped with an infeed and/or outfeed conveyor (with or without a rejection system).

Reliability and transparency of production data are the basis of all planning. The EC-E checkweigher from WIPOTEC-OCS guarantees 100% data capture in ongoing production.

The EC-E-VA model has an innovative design with weigh cells, drives, and belt construction in stainless steel (protection class IP65) and is recommended for use in light to average humidity environments.

A practical addition to the ESSENTIAL series, the EC-E-SL is designed for high precision weighing of larger or heavier product formats.

WIPOTEC-OCS metal contaminant detectors reliably detect any contamination of your products by the finest metal particles for food processing and packaging. Their usage provides greater customer trust in relation to the best possible product safety. Our detectors can be used both as stand-alone solutions and as space-saving combinations with WIPOTEC-OCS weighing technology.

The prerequisite of a successful detection of foreign bodies are X-ray images of the highest quality for food and pharmaceutical manufacturers. It begins with the selection of the optimal X-ray source in combination with the best sensors and high performance image processors running the software. The modular system of WIPOTEC-OCS X-ray technology encompasses air-cooled monoblocks as well as water-cooled metal ceramic tubes with beryllium windows.

The SC-V model represents the most advanced inspection technology. It combines reliable detection of product impurities by means of the high performance X-ray scanner with additional optical control systems developed in-house at OCS.

The globally successful SC product line meets the highest standards of modern quality management. Nothing is left to chance in terms of process safety and hygienic design. A high performance camera detector equipped with HD-TDI technology ensures high resolution and sharp X-ray images, while providing the optimal basis for the image processing software developed at OCS. The minimal faulty rejection rate combines with the maximal detection accuracy to provide the greatest possible safety.

If you have to check standing products for impurities by means of X-rays and ensure the correct fill levels, then the models of the SC-S series are the perfect choice. These models follow a component design that enables an easy, space-saving integration with any existing production line. The side view scanner reliably checks cans, bottles, composite packaging, paper, or plastic containers.

The optimal technical support for starting the production process with a quality control check of the raw goods — the SC-B model. The scanner provides a very high detection sensitivity that checks loose materials of any kind for the presence of foreign objects. 

The SC-W series is a pioneering combination of innovative X-ray technology and the proven checkweigher technology from OCS for the food manufacturing industry. The products in the accepted goods stream are checked not only for impurities, but also undergo a high-precision weight control check. Units with an incorrect weight are ejected into a separate container.

The HC-A-VA dynamic checkweighers in solid stainless steel provide the highest standards of precision and maximum throughput.

The SC-V model represents the most advanced inspection technology. It combines reliable detection of product impurities by means of the high performance X-ray scanner with additional optical control systems developed in-house at OCS.

The HC-IS-EX is the intelligent combination of HC-IS (weighing cylindrical products) and HC-EX (weighing in areas where there is an explosion hazard.

The HC-A multi-track systems are particularly well-suited for use with small package sizes (for example, stick packs or 4-sided sealed bags). Multi-track units are available in conventional conveyor belt systems and also as a push over variant. High-precision weight measurements with individual display are provided for each track (with the minimal mid-lane positioning). The rejection system can be track based or combined.

The HC-EX is a special machine configuration of the HC for direct installation of the scale and control terminal in areas where there is a risk of explosion.

A main factor in increasing production efficiency is a regular and exact analysis of all available production data. This is especially true in large factories and multi-site operations that are dependent on a flexible, web-based quality data management system like Comscale4, the system provided by WIPOTEC-OCS.

Based on the controller of the HC-A series, we provide parallel multi-track systems for multi-line applications.

High precision weighing represents a key factor for achieving optimal efficiency in the manufacturing processes in all industrial sectors. The EC-E-VA model is built entirely of stainless steel to complement the successful ESSENTIAL series.

The HC-M-WD is the ideal solution in industrial sectors that have especially high hygiene and cleaning requirements. The unique and innovative construction along with the solid stainless steel design makes it perfectly suitable for installation in moist and wet environments as well as for intensive and frequently repeating cleaning cycles (e.g. with steam jets).

The HC-WD-SL is the logical and ideal combination when it comes to weighing larger products, such as crates, boxes, bags and containers in wet and care-intensive areas. Its innovative hygiene design complies with the strict legal requirements and furthermore it offers the highest possible protection, IP 69K. Designed as a mono-checkweigher, the HC-WD-SL can optionally be equipped with an infeed and/or outfeed conveyor as well as with a rejection system.



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