Application Note

XRay Inspection Of Walnuts

Source: Eagle Product Inspection
Eagle Walnut XRay

Walnut farming and harvesting inherently run the risk of including undesirable foreign objects in with the nuts sent to processing lines. Selecting and implementing an effective system for finding and removing those contaminants and maximizing product yield are critical to brand protection, food safety and bottom line efficiency.

Not all x-ray systems have the same detection capabilities. Selecting a specialized system designed for the inspection of unpackaged or bulk walnuts is a key factor when implementing an effective inspection solution. X-ray  systems equipped with dual energy x-ray technology, such as Eagle’s MDX (Material Discrimination X-ray), provide advanced image processing delivering enhanced contaminant detection based on a material’s atomic number and not on density alone. Applying this technology to food inspection has provided nut processors with a valuable advantage: improved detection accuracy using two x-ray energies. MDX technology, paired with a robust  system designed specifically for bulk applications has the capability to detect those hard to find contaminants like glass, stone and metal.