Application Note

XRay Inspection Of Candy And Sweets

Source: Eagle Product Inspection

In today’s competitive marketplace sweets manufacturers need to provide the highest quality products. From inspecting for foreign body contaminants to complying with international food safety regulations, it is vital producers of jelly sweets, candies and hard gums implement effective food safety programs to safeguard their brand reputation and to prevent customer complaints.

Using x-ray technology as an inspection method eliminates the need for multiple product inspection machines on one production line.

X-ray systems can detect a wide range of foreign bodies such as metal, glass, mineral stone, calcified bone and plastic and rubber compounds, no matter what type of packaging. While inspecting sweets for contaminants, x-ray systems are capable of simultaneously perform various inline quality integrity checks including mass measurement, component count, missing and broken products at high line speeds. X-ray machines can be installed at various stages of the production process, from checking incoming ingredients such as sugar in bulk applications, to inspecting the final sealed packages. However, not all x-ray systems have the same detection capabilities. There are several factors to consider when selecting the right x-ray system for your company’s needs.