Application Note

XRay Inspection , Cookies And Biscuits In Plastic Cups

Source: Eagle Product Inspection

Producers of cookies and biscuits face many challenges processing and packaging their products in plastic containers. With a growing market, manufacturers must increase their production line speed to match those of over 300 packages per minute and downstream equipment should be able to work efficiently at this speed, as well as any other inspection system on the line.

Foreign Body Contamination
Foreign bodies can contaminate the raw materials of cookies and biscuits during any phase of production. They can arrive already inside the mixture of ingredients or be introduced during the processing phase.

Quality Integrity – Mass Measurement and Component Count
Proper portioning is another major concern for cookie and biscuit manufacturers because the packs of biscuits can be underweight, overweight and individual cookies or biscuits can be missing or broken. To overcome these issues, conventional methods require cookie and biscuit manufacturers to either install a range of product inspection equipment on their production line – checkweighers, metal detectors, vision systems or just one solution – x-ray inspection.