News | December 17, 2018

X-Ray Inspection Systems With In-Line Checkweighing Capabilities Save Manufacturers Money And Resources

Eagle Pack 240 HC1

Today’s food manufacturers continually look for ways to streamline various functions to save costs while maintaining quality and safety. One of those “weighs” is product checkweighing, which can be done with one multi-functional x-ray system instead of separate machines for contaminant detection and checkweighing.

Eagle’s inline x-ray inspection system uses SimulTask™ PRO software to determine total package weight, and zoned weights in separate areas of a package or container while also verifying the presence or absence of specific items.

Such capability ultimately saves manufacturers costs. “Running separate x-ray machines and traditional checkweighers adds time and expense. Having one system that does both functions cuts equipment costs,” says George Humphries, Senior Technical Specialist for Eagle.

Eagle inline systems also reduce labor, as it takes fewer employees to operate one system. From a space standpoint, having one machine opens up a plant’s footprint.

Another cost benefit is the ability to perform several other important product checks, including product placement, presentation and proper portioning. Users are alerted to irregularities for automatic rejection, similar to automatic rejection for the presence of physical contaminants. “X-ray systems can also detect proper zone weights and fill levels within a package, reducing overweights and preventing unnecessary product loss or giveaway,” explains Humphries.

According to Humphries, efficiencies are enhanced by x-ray systems for food inspection that produce a precise weight count at higher speeds than traditional gravimetric checkweighers. In addition, x-ray systems are not impacted by vibrations and other environmental challenges associated with conventional checkweighers that use gravitational pull.

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